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digital production lab.

Red Onion is a digital production lab that, every day, creates online communication materials for major players in the Italian and foreign digital markets, with a focus on speed and efficiency.

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We’ve adopted a human-to-human approach that involves our in-house team and our clients, aiming to achieve results that satisfy everyone.

Luisa Gervasi Founder & CEO
Guglielmo Cozzolino Founder & CTO
Caterina Puccio Client Service Director
Daniele Spadafora Web Designer & Content Creator
Gaetano Nicoletti Account Director
Fabio Tollardo Art Director
Augusto Amoroso Full-stack Developer
Gustavo Garrafa Video Editor & Animator
Giuseppe Di Palma Copywriter & SMM
Salvatore Trocino Project Manager
Caterina Iaropoli Front-end Developer
Laura Mazza Copywriter & SMM
Laura Murrone Web Designer
Michelle Ciliberto Account Executive

Red Onion vibes.

If this reflects your own attitude and you dream of working in the digital technology sector, then share your positive energy with us: fill in the form and send us your CV.

We can walk alone,
but together
we fly

Imagine an agency made up of people who share the same philosophy and who collaborate, work, and experience every day together.

That’s Red Onion, a place built on a foundation of belonging and community.

This helps us make every goal more achievable and every activity more effective. It’s that extra touch that ensures we meet deadlines and create the perfect digital assets in record time.

We work hard to create a
deep agency-client connection.

Imagine an agency that establishes a healthy and empathic relationship with its clients, one based on mutual respect and on understanding the other’s needs.

That’s Red Onion, a space in which we aim to build a close and genuine agency-client collaboration which benefits both parties. While we enjoy the best working conditions, our clients receive the highest quality and utmost efficiency.

The result of this approach is something we’re extremely proud of. We and many of our clients have mutually chosen to work with each other again year after year, resulting in long-standing collaborations that allow us to grow together.

Wellbeing leads to
better work.

Imagine an agency that truly puts people first and ensures that they have a good work-life balance.

That’s Red Onion, an environment that helps people to develop their talents and build better relationships, aided by the low turnover in staff. Our commitment to our employees’ wellbeing benefits our clients as well, allowing them to work with the same people every time, people who are always able to put their best foot forward.

Quality of life enhances
the quality of our work.

Imagine an agency that allows its employees to stay here, in Calabria, an area steeped in natural beauty, where the quality of life outside of work is unparalleled.

That’s Red Onion, a company for those who want to better themselves professionally and are eager to tackle the most stimulating challenges in the digital world on a daily basis, always keeping one thing in mind: work is important, but not more important than everything else. This is how we manage to collaborate successfully even with companies overseas, handling day-to-day issues without any problems despite the nine-hour time difference with the West Coast.

We’ve got this.

UX/UI design

We design innovative, creative, and inclusive user experiences and interfaces for all kinds of digital products.


We develop websites and e-commerce sites, both custom and based on open-source CMS. We develop native, hybrid, and internet apps for iOS and Android.

Digital Advertising

We design and produce all kinds of digital assets required for successful online campaigns: both static and dynamic HTML5 banners, native ads, DEMs, landing pages, rich media, social ads, etc.

Social Media Management

From establishing a social media strategy and drafting a plan and editorial calendar, all the way to developing the creative aspect, we take care of both organic and paid social media management.

Video production

From drafting the storyboard and script, to production and post-production, we have a natural propensity for video animation in the form of motion graphics, animated infographics, and 2D cartoons.

Technological Assistants.

We don’t save lives, but we can
take care of your project.

If this mindset sounds like an approach that you already practice or that you’d like to adopt for your company, you could be a good fit for us. Send us a request, explaining what you need, and we’ll get back to you during business hours only.

Our clients.